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Minds and Machines: The Limits of Turing-Complete Machines

Complex systems experts Professor Stuart Kauffman, an experimental and theoretical biologist, and Asim Zia, assistant professor in the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, co-authored this post on National Public Radio's blog, "13.7: Cosmos and Culture."

"In this post," Kauffman and Zia write, "we focus on illuminating the limits of Turing-complete machines on simulating creative decision making that is observed in nature ranging from very small organisms such as fish, mammalian and avian species to evolutionary scales in the form of Darwinian pre-adaptations. With this post, our goal is to initiate a broader dialogue around understanding the prospects and limits of Turing-complete machines in such simulation endeavors, starting with creative decision making, but hopefully extending in future to understanding the simulation of individual and organizational learning, intelligence and lack thereof. Read their argument at