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Five Top Reasons to Choose UVM

5. The University of Vermont is a community with values.

Habitat for Humanity

Respect, integrity, innovation, openness, justice, responsibility. UVM's values stretch back to its founding. We were the first institution of higher education to declare public support for freedom of religion and the first university to admit women and African-Americans into Phi Beta Kappa. Today, we’re nationally recognized as a leader on pressing issues like sustainability and LGBTQA rights.

And our students lead the way — whether working as Eco-Reps or Engineers Without Borders, devoting their spring break to service or winning a national contest three years in a row to raise money to combat Alzheimer’s. At UVM, you’ll find a way to get involved, give back and change the world.

4. Learning here comes from real experience — and provides real opportunities after graduation.

Students at the Statehouse

When the state legislature is your laboratory or a herd of dairy cows are your responsibility, your education is engaging you with the real world. Read more about the service-learning courses that bring UVM students out of the classroom and into the city, state and countryside.

At UVM, 91 percent of seniors engage in research, an internship or other experience-based learning. These these real-life experiences -- easy to access through our Career + Experience Hub -- prepare our students for life After UVM.

3. Burlington is the #1 college town in America.

Church Street

Live music, award-winning restaurants, world culture, urban agriculture, a thriving art scene and arguably the best sunsets in the east. Burlington can’t be beat. Scroll through snapshots of some of what awaits you within just one mile of campus:

2. Not too big, not too small.


With more than 100 majors to choose from, you’ll never feel constrained. But with an average class size of 30, you’ll never feel lost. UVM’s academic offerings provide both breadth and depth.

Beyond the classroom, you'll find plenty of choice, too. Explore campus life at UVM.

1. UVM is home to world-class scholars who love to teach.

Paul Bierman with students

At UVM, 98 percent of classes are taught by full-time faculty (with two percent taught by graduate students). That means you’ll learn from and be advised by world-class researchers, who often choose UVM as their home for its emphasis on undergraduate teaching.

Head into the field with a celebrated geologist researching Greenland’s melting ice sheets, do research in the chemistry lab with the inventor of a new way to manipulate single molecules, travel to Cuba with a professor making international headlines for an innovative Guantanamo Bay proposal, learn neuroscience from a College of Medicine doctor on a mission to make college a breeding ground for healthy habits and so much more.