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Breakthrough Chemistry: We Can Now Create A New Form of Light

A team of scientists led by UVM chemist Matthew Liptak have discovered a new way that some molecules can make a luminescent glow — a strange, bright green—that may have applications for new LEDs and biomedical diagnostics. The story got picked up a number of science news sites, including Futurism, and the reseach was featured ...

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Scientists Are Digging Through the Biggest Collection of Human Waste in the U.S. to Figure out Why We’re So Unhealthy

UVM scientist Christine Vatovec does boundary-bending research on human and ecological health--and how they're connected. Her recent studies of how pharmaceuticals flow into wastewater and into lakes and rivers were featured in Quartz, a digital global news magazine published by Atlantic Media, publisher of The Atlantic. Read the ...

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Your Instagram Feed Can Tell Us If You’re Depressed, Study Suggests

Work by Professor Chris Danforth in collaboration with Harvard researcher Andrew Reece suggests that Instagram photos -- both the filters used and the subjects portrayed -- can offer insight into our mental health. Read the Washington Post story...

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Substitute Teachers, Nurses May Further Spread Illness, Study Suggests

A new study led by mathematical biologist Sam Scarpino, who heads UVM's Emergent Epidemics Lab, made a startling discovery: replacing substitute teachers and other key workers--including nurses and firefighters--may accelerate the spread of epidemics like the flu. The team's research caught the attention of several media outlets ...

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