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This Winter Depression Treatment Lasts Longer than Sitting under a Bright Light

Research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry by Psychological Science Professor Kelly Rohan showed that cognitive behavioral therapy is more durable than light therapy in treating seasonal affective disorder. Read this Washington Post story...

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Whale Poop Drives Global Nutrient Cycling

A new study shows that whales and outsized land mammals — as well as seabirds and migrating fish — historically played a vital role in keeping the planet fertile by transporting nutrients from ocean depths and spreading them across seas, up rivers, and deep inland, even to mountaintops. However, massive declines and ...

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Fracking Can Cause Nearby Abandoned Wells to Leak Methane

As debate roils over EPA regulations proposed this month limiting the release of the potent greenhouse gas methane during fracking operations, a new University of Vermont study funded by the National Science Foundation shows that abandoned oil and gas wells near fracking sites can be conduits for methane escape not currently being ...

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Ben Carson Is Wrong on Guns and the Holocaust

"To anyone who studies Nazi Germany and the Holocaust for a living, as I do, Ben Carson’s statements about gun control are difficult to fathom," writes UVM Holocaust Center Director Alan Steinweis in a New York Times op-ed. Read this story...

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