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Stephen Hawking's Strange Law of Entropy is Making Atoms on Earth Act Like Black Holes

A bizarre discovery by University of Vermont physicist Adrian Del Maestro has been attracting international attention from science reporters and magazines—including Wired, IFLScience!, Science News, Science Daily and others. Del Maestro and his colleagues revealed that cold helium atoms in lab conditions on Earth abide by the ...

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Men's Basketball in National News

The University of Vermont men’s basketball team garnered national media coverage during its run to the NCAA Tournament and first-round matchup against No. 4 Purdue. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Boston Globe, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and other media pursued intriguing storylines ...

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Meditation, Nutrition, Fitness: One 'Party School' Tries To Tame The College Brain

National Public Radio published a story on its NPREd site on UVM's Wellness Environment, or WE, a substance-free community unique in higher education with amenities that promote mindfulness, exercise and nutrition that also includes a neuroscience course all WE students are required to take called Healthy Brains Healthy Bodies. A ...

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#Lovepizza? How Twitter Exposes Your Guilty Pleasures

Media around the globe took interest in the Lexicocalorimeter—an invention created at the University of Vermont. This online tool measures the caloric content of social media posts—like tweets—and “can be a powerful public health tool," says UVM's Peter Dodds, a scientist who co-led the invention of the new device and a ...

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