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Making a Proven Difference in Kids' Health

A study by Yang Bai, assistant professor in rehabilitation and movement sciences, in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that NFL PLAY 60 programming significantly improved both aerobic capacity and body mass index among a large percentage of the approximately 100,000 students who participated in the program ...

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After Revamping, A Resurgence In Vermont

UVM Grossman School of Business dean Sanjay Sharma transformed Canada’s largest English-language business school, at Concordia University in Montreal, into an internationally ranked program when he served as dean there. He’s well into a similar transformation at UVM’s Grossman School.  In five years he has raised $35 ...

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Could an Exotic Spice from Iran Help Vt. Farmers?

In a front page story in the Boston Globe, UVM researchers describe how they have successfully grown saffron, the world’s most expensive spice, in an experimental greenhouse/research station in northern Vermont. The researchers achieved a higher yield than saffron grown in Iran, where 90 percent of the world’s supply ...

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This is How Much Weight College Students Gain Over 4 Years

In a new study, UVM researchers update the widely debunked truism that students gain 15 pounds – the “freshman 15” – during their first year of college. Students gain an average of about 10 pounds over all four years, the researchers found. Twenty-three percent of the students in the study were overweight or obese as they ...

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