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Lowell Bailey

Aiming for Sochi

Among all the sports in which precision battles tension, golf comes immediately to mind. Tiger Woods stands over a thirty-foot putt at the final hole of a major tournament, championship riding on the stroke, a hushed gallery of thousands circling the green. Incredibly difficult, right? Now let’s make Tiger sprint up the fairway ...

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Cooke and Crockenberg

Seniors Champion Innovative Renewable Energy Projects

Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg are masters of synergy -- the idea that individual elements, when brought together, will produce an effect greater than they could have on their own.

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Wynton Marsalis

Class of 2013 Celebrates Graduation

Heralding the passage of a college graduation, it’s a happy circumstance to have one of the world’s foremost trumpeters in the house. A crowd of approximately 10,000 gathered on the UVM Green the morning of May 19 to celebrate the achievements of more than 3,000 UVM students receiving diplomas and passing from the ranks of ...

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Major Jackson

To Walk as a Poet

“I’m always thinking about writing,” says Major Jackson, poet and Richard Dennis Green and Gold Professor of English. “I’m always making connections or making metaphors or seeing images in my head.” So it was on April 15, final reckoning day with the unambiguously unbeguiling Form 1040.

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Carissimo and Apfeld


A few years from now if Luke Apfeld fulfills his dream of becoming a civil rights attorney on his way to a second career as an English professor, and Sandro Carissimo is a successful investment banker back home in New York City, it will come as no surprise to their teammates on the men’s basketball team or their classmates in UVM’s Honors College. The close friends and junior roommates, who helped lead the Catamounts to an NCAA Tournament win last season, are a rare college basketball tandem: teammates who lead their program in both scoring and grade point average.

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Inquiring Minds

The annual UVM student research conference showcases undergraduate and graduate students' access to hands-on research -- conducted with the guidance of faculty mentors across the disciplines.

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Compost Rider

While UVM has been collecting food waste from the dining halls since 1997 and diverts nine tons of food each week from the landfill, a new bicycle-based program is the first centralized effort to provide a composting alternative within departmental and program offices.

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Watershed film crew

Making Movies, Creating Change

Jill Rosenblum Tidman ’94 keenly remembers the moment her worldview shifted in Professor Stephanie Kaza’s introductory environmental studies class. The alumna had grown up in St. Louis with a solid education and caring parents: “I felt like I kind of understood the world.” Yet, as the discussion in Kaza’s class that ...

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Campus and downtown Burlington

Rankings Roundup

Those who live in Burlington and attend UVM already know that the city and the university offer something special. Rankings reports released over the past several months have further spread the word around the country about how good we have it.

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Tracking Success

You won’t hear it from UVM track and field coach Matt Belfield, but the timing of the recent qualification of three athletes for the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships and the opening of the $2.5 million Frank H. Livak Track and Field Facility seemed more than coincidental.

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Home Sweet Global Business

With a mere $900 in capital, BioTek Instruments set its course in 1968 when Norm Alpert, professor of physiology and biophysics in UVM’s College of Medicine, and his colleague George Luhr, head of the university’s instrumentation and model facility, began mixing biology and technology inside Luhr’s Charlotte garage. The ...

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Family Ties

"No wise person would ever work for a salary." Those were Pramodita Sharma’s grandfather’s words of warning when she told him of her decision to pursue a career in education. To her grandfather, being one's own boss and staying in their family business in northern India were the keys to a good life.

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Alumna Sparks Community Development in Africa

Just two years out from graduation, alumna Sasha Fisher '10 has wasted no time putting her self-designed major to use. If "human security" sounds abstract and philosophical (just the sort of lofty, idealistic concept that bright, optimistic undergraduates might enjoy probing during their four years in college), Fisher has found a ...

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From the ‘Cynic’ to ‘USA Today’

Natalie DiBlasio’s hopes were high that after graduating from UVM she’d land a reporting job at USA Today, but she knew that to do so fresh out of undergrad would be a tall order. DiBlasio, a Pitman N.J. native, was right to hope.

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John Kilik '78

Production Values

When Jon Kilik returns to Vermont to speak with students, as he does every few years, he says one of his goals is to “demystify” his profession. The Class of 1978 alumnus has built a long and successful career as a film producer, making his way in that world of silver screen mystique. But as Kilik talks, soft-spoken and ...

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Kate Ryley

Ski Team Takes 2012 NCAA Championships

Not only did the UVM ski team win the 2012 NCAA skiing championships, they beat the competition with two record-breaking numbers -- an overall score of 832 points and a 162-point margin over second place Utah. "You dream about things falling together like they did," says coach Bill Reichelt. "We really had as perfect a week as you ...

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Bryan Ballif

Blood Mystery Solved

You probably know your blood type: A, B, AB or O. You may even know if you’re Rhesus positive or negative. But how about the Langereis blood type? Or the Junior blood type? Positive or negative? Most people have never even heard of these. Yet this knowledge could be “a matter of life and death,” says University of Vermont biologist Bryan Ballif.

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Making the House a Home

When Catlin O’Neill ’99 takes a visitor around the U.S. Capitol it feels more like she’s giving a tour of her own house than the United States House of Representatives. She seems comfortable strolling through its halls saying hello to janitors, security guards, administrative assistants, members of Congress, legislative ...

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Accepted Students Celebrate With #UVMsaidYES

Meet the newest Catamounts: the class of 2021. On Wednesday, Dec. 14, the latest round of admissions decisions for students who applied early action were posted online (and sent via snail mail).

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