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Sample video clips for Gregory Gause

Below is a list of questions addressed by one of our experts in a corresponding video clip. Click on "watch clip" to view the video for that question.

  • With the sovereignty transfer in Iraq coming up on June 30, what are the big issues and where does American policy fit in?
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  • What do you predict will be happening with gas prices?
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  • Almost half of 15,000 Saudis said in a poll conducted last year that they have a favorable view of Osama bin Laden's sermons and rhetoric, although only five percent thought it was a good idea for him to rule in the Arabian peninsula. Can you comment on that?
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  • Can you comment on a statement by former U.S. counter-terrorism advisor Richard Clarke, who said, "The threat to the political and economical world posed by Saudi instability is greater than the threat posed by Iraq."
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