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Specialty:philosophy of religion, ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, metaphysics, logic, ethics
Biography:William Mann's areas of specialization include the philosophy of religion, ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, and metaphysics. He also has interests in logic, the philosophy of logic, and ethics. His most recent published work is a series of papers in philosophical theology that investigate various connections between religion and ethics, such as, "What difference, if any, would the existence of God make to questions about good and bad, right and wrong?" He is now engaged in a book-length project attempting to analyze the implications for philosophical theology of the contemporary sciences of physical cosmology and evolutionary biology, while also considering the question whether philosophical theology might have implications for these two areas of science. Mann regularly teaches courses in Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy, Introduction to Logic, Crime and Punishment, the History of Ancient Philosophy and an advanced seminar about the philosophical interrelations between science, religion, and ethics. He has published articles in a number of books and periodicals, including "The "The Cambridge Companion to Augustine" and "Philosophical Perspectives."