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Assoc. Professor
Arts & Sciences
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Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:physical chemistry; molecular spectroscopy
Biography:Leenstra's interest is focused on applying various spectroscopic methods to problems in chemical physics, biophysics and solid state chemistry. His research has been funded by the Vermont Regional Cancer Center, American Cancer Society-Vermont Division; the UVM Instructional Development Center for a study of "Development of Lecture Demonstrations in Chemistry;" The National Institutes of Health 3 for research on "Bilirubin-Serum Albumin Binding Studies through ODMR" and the National Science Foundation for "Laser Molecular Spectroscopy of Double Molecules" (1986).Before joining UVM in 1980, he was a postdoctoral research associate at Boston University with Richard Clarke. In 1988, he was Visiting Scientist at Cornell University.