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Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineering & Mathematics
Public Relations:Cheryl Dorschner 802-656-4308
Specialty:fluvial forms and processes; watershed hydrology; stream restoration
Biography:Hession is assistant professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with a secondary appointment in the School of Natural Resources. His areas of expertise include: fluvial forms and processes; stream restoration; stream ecology; watershed hydrology; wetland hydrology, hydrologic/water quality modeling; nonpoint source pollution; uncertainty analysis; and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). His current research grants cover research, such as: Linking Stream Channel Morphology, Aquatic Habitat, and Biodiversity (USEPA-STAR and USFS); Allen Brook Water Quality Improvement Plan and TMDL (Vermont ANR-DEC); and Constructed Wetland to Treat Manure Runoff (USDA-CREES, LCBP). Among Hession's publications are: "Influence of bank vegetation on channel morphology in rural and urban watersheds" (Geology, in press); "Comparing gravel-bed rivers in paired urban and rural catchments of southeastern Pennsylvania" (Geology, 2001); "Ecological engineering: a rationale for standardized curriculum and professional certification in the United States" (Ecological Engineering, 2001); "Ecological benefits of riparian reforestation in urban watersheds; study design and preliminary results" (Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2000); and "Watershed-level uncertainties: implications for phosphorus management and eutrophication" (Journal of Environmental Quality).