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Associate Professor
Plant Biology
College of Agriculture and Life Science
Public Relations:Josh Brown (802) 656-3039
Specialty:molecular plant pathology, disease resistance, genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
Biography:Delaney, a molecular plant pathologist who focuses upon plant disease resistance, examines the underlying mechanisms plants use to defend themselves against pathogens. His main focus is upon pathogen-induced disease resistance responses, and his group uses genetic and molecular approaches in their work to identify genes and components of the plant defense system. Most of the research in his group employs the model plant genetic system Arabidopsis thaliana, combined with various oomycete and bacterial plant pathogens. This and related research may lead to the development of disease-resistant crop plants. He teaches in the areas of plant pathology, genetics and on the signal transduction pathways used by organisms for responding to their environment, and during growth and development. His laboratory is located on the third level of Jeffords Hall.