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Research Assistant Professor
Arts & Sciences
Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty: snow, ice, glaciers, Antarctica, Greenland, climate change, paleoclimate, low-temperature physics, global warming
Biography:Tom Neumann is a glaciologist interested in all aspects of frozen water in the climate system. His research deals primarily with the formation and preservation of paleoclimate records in polar snow and in the flow of glaciers and ice sheets. His research has lead to 8 field seasons in Greenland and Antarctica. In particular, Neumann has collected ice cores and snow samples for chemical analysis, measured ice thickness with ice-penetrating radar surveys, measured the surface velocity of glaciers and ice sheets using GPS, and installed and maintained automatic weather stations. He uses these data in numerical models to select the best sites for deep ice coring, to better understand how chemical records are formed in polar snow (and how well such records reflect atmospheric conditions), and predict how glaciers and ice sheets change due to changes in climate. Neumann is also interested in the human history of the polar regions, particularly as it relates to scientific exploration.