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Assistant Professor
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Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802) 656-1107;
Specialty:ethics, philosophy of mind, 17th and 18th century philosophy
Biography:Doggett specializes in two different sorts of ethical issues: The first is whether ethics is objective. For instance, do moral truths hold across cultures? The second looks at which sorts of things it is permissible to kill or let die and under what circumstances, e.g., is it morally permissible to abort a fetus? He is also interested in issues related to the philosophy of mind, specifically, one, what are the relations between our minds and our bodies, and, two, what is our imagination for? Doggett is also interested in the history of these questions and philosophers' answers to them, hence his interest in 17th and 18th century philosophy. He holds an A.B. from Princeton and a Ph.D. from MIT.