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Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:glacial geology of northern Vermont; environmental geology; structural geology
Biography:Wright focuses research on glacial geology and structural geology. He has mapped the glacial geology of four 7.5-minute quadrangles in northern Vermont (Barre West, Colchester, Burlington, and Jeffersonville), some with the aid of undergraduate field assistants. As an outgrowth of this mapping and work elsewhere in the state, he maintains interest in the dynamics of esker systems, the structural evolution of deformed glacial sediments (deformed by overriding glacial ice), and the correlation of varved lake sediments deposited in the many glacial lakes of the region as well as the structures (joints and slumps) that have developed in them during and after their formation. In addition to these research and activities in Vermont, Wright also worked in Colorado, Sweden, and the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains in New York.