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Associate Professor/Associate Dean, Honors College
Arts & Sciences
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox, (802) 656-1107
Specialty:poverty; microeconomics; general equilibrium theory; game theory; normative economics; university administration
Biography:Abu Rizvi has been at the University of Vermont since 1987 and has expertise in economics and university administration. Rizvi's research concerns poverty, the assessment of well-being, preference theory and other aspects of economic theory and its history.  His views on poverty are contained in a book co-authored with David P. Levine: o   Poverty, work and freedom: political economy and the moral order (Cambridge University Press, 2005). His other research includes: o   "Experimentation, general equilibrium and games," in Philippe Fontaine and Robert Leonard, eds., The experiment in the history of economics (London: Routledge, 2005), pp. 50-70; o   "Deception and game theory." In Caroline Gerschlager, ed., Exchange, deception and self-deception (London: Palgrave, 2004), pp. 25-49; o   "Adam Smith's sympathy:  towards a normative economics," in Edward Fullbrook, ed., Intersubjectivity in economics: agents and structures (London: Routledge, 2002), pp. 241-53; o   "Postwar microeconomic theory." In Warren Samuels, John B. Davis and Jeff Biddle, eds., Blackwell companion to the history of economic thought (Oxford: Blackwell, 2002). Rizvi served for five years as department chair of the UVM Economics Department and two years as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; he is now Associate Dean of the Honors College. He has written on assesment of student learning, factors affecting the retention and attrition of students, and curricula for first-year students. His reports on these matters include: o   "Building Intellectual Community in the First Year:  the Experience of STEP in the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Vermont." September 2003. o  "Retention of Students in the College of Arts and Sciences." March 2003. o  "Report of the Pilot Assessment Project in Economics:  Assessment of Student Outcomes" (with Jane Knodell).  October 2000.  Short version in Bobby G. Dudley, ed., Twelfth Annual Conference on Teaching Economics (Irwin McGraw-Hill, 2001), pp. 90-92.