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Specialty:Chinese philosophy, Confucius, ethics and the emotions
Biography:Sin-Yee Chan's research interests are in the areas of Chinese philosophy, ethics and the emotions. She employs the tools of analytical philosophy to analyze, criticize and develop Chinese ethical ideas, especially those of ancient Confucian philosophers such as Mencius and Confucius himself. Chan has a strong interest in comparative philosophy -- in particular, in making comparisons and drawing contrasts between Chinese philosophy and Anglo-American analytical philosophy. Her work in ethics focuses on relationship ethics, feminist care-ethics, and on the critique of major Western ethical traditions such as Kantianism and utilitarianism. She is especially interested in the relationship between the emotions and morality, for instance, in the motivational role of the emotions in moral action. Chan has published articles in the book "Constructing China" and in periodicals including the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Southern Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory and Practice