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Professor Emeritus
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802) 656-1107;
Specialty:Drugs, Cannabis, Pharmacology
Biography:Dr. Richard (Rik) Musty is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Vermont. is an active researcher on the effects of marijuana and non-psychoactive constituents from the plant in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, epilepsy and other brain and mental disorders. He has published over 100 articles and conference papers on this subject. He was the Executive Director of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, which holds annual scientific meetings in this field. He has frequently testified and consulted on the effects of Marijuana to government and Pharmaceutical Companies. Musty was a postdoctoral student with E.A. Carlini at Escola Paulista de Medicina in Sao Paulo Brazil in Pharmacology where he conducted a series of studies on human marijuana use. He has investigated brain sites of action of the cannabinoids and has investigated therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in animal models of anxiety, seizure disorders and central movement disorders. His work is focused on the role of depression in cognitive disorders reported in chronic-heavy marijuana users, the role of cannabinoids in learning and memory and therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in animal models of hyperactivity, anxiety, depression and spasticity He is currently working with a Brazilian group on the therapeutic potential of a non-psychoactive constituent from the cannabis plant.