University of Vermont

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Research Associate Professor
Plant & Soil Science
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences University Extension
Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:IPM research, insect pests in forests, vegetables and greenhouse ornamental plants and flowers, thrips, tarnished plant bug, hemlock woolly adelgid, Asian longorned beetle, gypsy moth
Biography:Skinner combines entomology research with public awareness projects on many insect pests in the Northeast. She coordinates IPM education in three states, serves on the National Science Advisory Committee for the Asian Longhorned beetle and is a key link between northern New England growers and the latest entomology research. One project tests the use of entomopathogenic fungi on hemlock woolly adelgid. She is a founder and volunteer with a community-based group intent on protecting and enhancing Vermont's urban forest. Previously she designed a state-wide program to monitor groundwater pollution by agricultural pesticides. Skinner received the Vermont Forest Pest Management Award for Service and Excellence in 1999.