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assistant professor
Arts & Sciences
Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:physics, consdensed matter, semiconductor nanostructures, spintronics
Biography:Madalina Furis joined the physics department in 2006. She is a condensed matter experimentalist, and her area of expertise is the optical properties of semiconductor nanostructures. Prof. Furis’ research interests are tied to spintronics, an emerging field in physics that investigates the possibility of employing a quantum mechanical property of electrons (the spin), rather than charge for data storage, transport and manipulation. She is an author of twenty-one research articles in addition to a book chapter on nanocrystal quantum dot devices. In 2005 the prestigious Science Magazine featured her pioneering work on semiconductor spintronics devices. More recently she was invited to co-author a review paper on spin-dependent spectroscopy in a special issue of the New Journal of Physics, featuring the most recent achievements in spintronics.After receiving her PhD in Physics in 2004 from the University of Buffalo (SUNY), Furis moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico where she conducted postdoctoral research at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Her work involved high magnetic field studies of semiconductor nanostructures.