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Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802) 656-1107
Specialty:memory, learning, emotion, animal behavior, addiction, psychology
Biography:Bouton’s research interests lie in understanding the basic mechanisms of learning, memory and emotion represented in classical conditioning, one of the most fundamental examples of associative learning. He is especially interested in the implications of findings for theories of conditioning and associative learning, theories of memory and theories of certain clinical issues, such as relapse after therapy. His main interest is learning itself, which he sees “as the essential process by which humans and animals adapt to the environment during their lives.” Bouton is the former Editor of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, the American Psychological Association's journal covering animal learning, cognition and motivation, and he is a Past President of the Eastern Psychological Association. He was featured in the Boston Globe’s “Meet the Minds” column in August 2007. Bouton regularly publishes his scholarship in respected publications including Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychological Bulletin, Health Psychology, Psychological Review, and Biological Psychiatry.