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Animal Science; Nutrition and Food Sciences
Agriculture & Life Sciences
Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:Human Nutrition, Foods, Animal Nutrition, International Nutrition Computer Use in Education
Biography:Lyn Carew is Professor of Animal Science and Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences. He has lectured widely and appeared on TV addressing both human and animal nutrition His scholarly interests focus on human nutrition in the broadest sense. Windridge Publishing recently released Lyn's book "Musings of a Vermont Nutritionist." He has also studied nutrient-endocrine relationships, computer use in education, as well as international human and animal nutrition. In research, the chicken is his animal model. His basic research centers on nutrition and physiology as well as applied research on poultry nutrition. His international concern is for problems of human and animal nutrition in Latin America, and he works with researchers in Honduras, Colombia and Ecuador promoting the development of chicken meat and eggs for human consumption and developing new feed ingredients for chickens as well as other animals. He has lectured on human and animal nutrition in Spanish in those three countries. He is also developing computer programs and doing research on their use in teaching nutrition. Prof. Carew is noted for his dynamic teaching and has taught about 20,000 students at UVM. He was named a UVM Scholar in the Biological Sciences and has received the university's Kidder and Kroepsch-Maurice Teaching Awards, the Faculty Recognition Award for Extraordinary Teaching, Research and Service, and the Bickford Award for Excellence in Teaching and Advising in the Nutritional Sciences. He has also twice received the Carrigan Teaching Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Prof. Carew has received 3 national teaching awards: Vermont 2001 Professor of the year by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; The USDA/NASULGC Northeast Region Award for Excellence in College and University Teaching in Food and Agricultural Sciences; and named a Teaching Fellow of the National Association of College Teachers of America.