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Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802)656-1107;
Specialty:healthy social & intellectual development in communities & families; Cuba-UVM project; psychology
Biography:Bond has involved students in community-based research both locally and internationally. She has created many associations between the academic world and communities, ranging from Belize, Central America to the Vermont Northeast Kingdom and Burlington North End. From 2000-2005 she conducted a course-based program that brought UVM students to Cuba, and brought Cuban faculty to UVM to share knowledge about community psychology (such programs are no longer permitted by the US government). Her research includes promoting people's ability to foster their own and others' healthy social and intellectual development, especially within communities and families. She focuses on parent-child and women's development and citizen community participation. Bond, former dean of the UVM Graduate College, has been a University Scholar and recipient of the Kroepsch-Maurice excellence in teaching. She is now Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Psychology Dept. Among Bond's publications are: "The Listening Partners Program: An initiative toward feminist community psychology in action" (American Journal of Community Psychology, 2000); “Mothers’ beliefs about knowledge, child development, and parenting strategies: Expanding the goals of parenting programs” (Journal of Primary Prevention, 2006); “Taking stock and putting stock in primary prevention: Characteristics of effective programs” (Journal of Primary Prevention, 2004).