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Director and Professor
UVM Transportation Research Center
UVM Transportation Research Center
Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656 3039
Biography:Dr. Lisa Aultman-Hall joined the University of Vermont as founding director of the UVM Transportation Research Center in August 2006. Dr. Aultman-Hall is a Professor in the School of Engineering and adjunct Professor in the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics. She had previously served as the director of the Connecticut Transportation Institute, while an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Aultman-Hall teaches transportation planning and traffic safety. Her research interests include tailpipe emissions, traffic safety (bicyclists, young drivers, old drivers), freight transportation planning, transportation network robustness, and travel behavior, especially route choice. Dr. Aultman-Hall’s work is currently funded by the US Department of Transportation and the New England University Transportation Center.