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Assistant Professor
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802) 656-1107;
Specialty:psychology, resilience, adolescence, psychology
Biography:Burt holds a Ph.D. in clinical and developmental psychology. His main research interest is connections between competence in major life domains (such as academics and social relationships) and broad domains of psychopathology (such as internalizing and externalizing problems). His current work is focused on different models of how symptoms of mental illness interfere with functioning in these domains, as well as how failure to develop age-appropriate competencies can undermine mental health. Burt is particularly interested in these questions as they pertain to adolescence and the transition into adulthood, a developmental period termed "emerging adulthood" by some researchers. In addition, his work is informed by a broad developmental psychopathology orientation, in which normal and abnormal development are seen as mutually informative. Thus, equal attention is paid to processes of resilience in at-risk youth who succeed in life despite significant adversity.