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Professor and Dean
Education & Social Sevices
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802)656-1107
Specialty:women and adult student development,leadership, women in leadership,
Biography:Tarule, professor of educational leadership and human development is currently the Associate Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, and was the dean of the UVM College of Education and Social Services. As dean, she has championed interactive learning, adult education, rural education and outreach projects that linked UVM's education and social work faculty and students with learners in the professions throughout the state. Her diverse core of publications over the years demonstrate Tarule's research range, including her award winning, co-authored book, "Women's Ways of Knowing," a study of the women's development of self, voice and mind. Her other work focuses on women and adult students in higher education, on leadership issues and women in leadership. She is former chair of the board of directors of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, current Chair of the New Dean's Institute of the same organization. Several universities have benefited from her skills as a consultant in the area of women and adult students, and leadership. She was honored with the Jackie M. Gribbions Leadership Award in 1999 and hold an honorary doctorate from University of New Hampshire for her work on adult learners. Tarule, a native Vermonter, attended Bennington, Goddard College and Harvard Graduate School of Education.