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Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:parasites, malaria, evolution
Biography:Schall studies the role of parasites in nature, their evolution, ecology, and geographic distribution, and the effect of pathogens on the ecology of their hosts. He works with the malaria parasites in a wide variety of kinds of hosts and many sites, including tropical rainforests. Schall is an expert on the process of evolution and the molecular genetics of malaria parasites. Funding from the National Science Foundation underwrites his continuing studies on the prevalence of the parasite among sites, ecology of the parasites' life history traits, and new studies on the molecular population genetics of the parasites. Schall has published approximately 60 papers in major scientific journals, and has received millions of dollars in grant support over the past 25 years for his studies. He is also well regarded as a teacher of courses in evolution, ecology, and parasitology, and has been awarded the highest teaching honor awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences (the Dean's Lecturer) and the university (Kroepsch-Maurice Award).