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Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802)656-1107
Specialty:mental illness and psychopathology; driving behavior and cell phones*; psychology
Biography:Professor of Psychology and former Department Chair, Joffe's current interests are as follows: 1. The nature of mental illness and the question of whether or not it can be considered (as is often claimed) "an illness like any other" (answers to which have major implications for the prevention and treatment of mental disorder). 2. This concern relates particularly to the issue of when drug treatments are appropriate interventions and when they are not, and the degree to which they are used appropriately. 3. A related issue is the extent to which diagnoses of so-called mental illnesses are influenced more by economic, social, and political factors than by scientific research. 4.The effects of cell-phone use on driving behavior and accidents. Joffe's honors include being named a Fulbright Research Scholar at National Institute of Hygiene in Budapest, Hungary, and an Honorary Research Fellow at University College in London, chairing the Psychology Department at UVM for 7 1/2 years, and serving as President of the Faculty Senate. He is author or co-author of over 60 papers, several of which appeared in two of the world's leading scientific journals, and author or co-editor of nine books.