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Assistant Professor
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802) 656-1107;
Specialty:Greek and Latin languages; Greek, Roman, Near Eastern literature and history; music archeology
Biography:Franklin teaches ancient Greek and Latin, as well as Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern literature and history in translation. His research and creative work in the burgeoning field of music archeology combines classical philology and musicology, music technology and composition. He is preparing a book (or books) for Oxford University Press entitled The Middle Muse: Mesopotamian Echoes in Early Greek Music, which documents the transmission to Mycenaean Greece of the classical Mesopotamian tonal system. Current interests: music archeology and archeoacoustics; Aegean and Ancient Near Eastern cultural history from the Early Bronze Age through the Classical period; epic, lyric and wisdom poetry; song culture and oral tradition; pre-Socratic philosophers; Indo-European and Near Eastern contexts of Aegean culture, including Hellenic transitions in Iron Age Cyprus, Anatolia and Philistia; Old, New, and Roman Comedy with reception; performance criticism; South-Slavic heroic song; Greek traditional music, including rembetiko; music technology, especially modular synthesis and experimental acoustics.