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Women's Studies, German & Russian
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Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802)656-1107
Specialty:contemporary Austrian literature; Exile literature; legacy of the Holocaust
Biography:Schreckenberger is UVM director of Women's Studies and director of her department's Junior Year Study Abroad Programs. Her research interests include contemporary Austrian literature and Exile literature. Schreckenberger's publications include works on Guillaume Apollinaire, Max Walther Schulz, Erich Maria Remarque, Arnold Zweig, Heinz R. Unger, Felix Mitterer, Gerhard Roth, Joseph Roth, Peter Handke and Lilian Faschinger. She is also a contributor to "The Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature" and co-translator of works by Gerhard Roth ("The Calm Ocean"), Elfriede Jelinek ("President Eveningbreeze"), and Ulrike Klepalski ("Midsummernight"). Courses taught include German Short Story after 1945, Fin-de-siecle, German Exile Literature, The Modern German Novel, The Legacy of the Holocaust, Strangers in Paradise: The German Exiles in the US, and Expository Writing. Schreckenberger's current project is editing of an essay volume on The Aesthetics of Exile.