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Social Work
Education & Social Services
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802)656-1107
Specialty:equity and justice issues, child abuse issues, corrections, social work, partnerships with community groups and agencies
Biography:Burford is director of the Department of Social Work at UVM and director of the UVM and State of Vermont Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services Child Welfare Training Partnership. He has served as principal investigator and co-directed numerous substantial grants from organizations including the National Institute of Justice, Vermont State Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services and Institute of Social and Economic Research for projects on equity and justice issues, community service, and child abuse in United States, Canada and Newfoundland. Apart from his extensive research Burford is a prolific author. The forthcoming, "Broken Icons: Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse," will be his fourth book. He has also written journal articles, individual book chapters, and instructional materials. Burford earned his master's degree and doctorate in social work from the University of Washington and University of Stirling, Scotland, respectively.