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Professor Emeritus
Arts & Sciences
Phone:See PR Contact
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802)656-1107
Specialty:relief wall constructions; on-site sculptural performances, including laser
Biography:Owre's research interests center on producing wall hung constructions in relief. He experiments with various found materials. These influence the size, character, and the number and degree of abstract references. He also does on-site sculptural performances in many different locations using a wide variety of materials, including laser. His ongoing show, "7 over 2000," opened in London and is touring Britain and continental Europe. Galleries, such as O. K. Harris in New York City and Atelier J. Lukacs in Montreal are exhibitors of his art. He has done group and one-person shows, including performances, in Malta, Croatia, England, Scotland, and France. In North America, his works and commissions have appeared in nearly 70 shows and are widely recognized in media.