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Associate Professor
Arts and Sciences
Public Relations:Lee Ann Cox (802)656-1107
Specialty:social mobility, income, wealth, discrimination, statistical analysis of survey data
Biography:Daniel Krymkowski studies social inequality and social scientific research methods. An author of numerous articles in sociology’s leading journals, Professor Krymkowski is an expert on social mobility, the distribution of income and wealth, and sex and race discrimination. He employs a comparative perspective in his work, and thus has extensive knowledge of these topics not only with respect to the contemporary United States, but also as regards the historical United States and other regions of the world (e.g., Africa, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe). Professor Krymkowski received his Ph.D. from the #1-ranked sociology program in the country, The University of Wisconsin—Madison, which is well known for training scientific sociologists. In keeping with the Wisconsin tradition, Professor Krymkowski also studies how to quantitatively measure seemingly intractable social concepts such as “opportunity,” and is an expert on the statistical analysis of survey and poll data. Professor Krymkowski was previously employed at Dartmouth College and was a National Academy of Sciences Fellow at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.