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Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:Theoretical condensed matter physics
Biography:Professor Clougherty is chair of physics. His research in theoretical condensed matter physics (the study of the properties of solids and liquids) focuses on the dynamics of quantum systems with application to electronic, magnetic, optical, structural, and thermal properties of nanoscale materials (e.g. fullerene-derived solids, carbon nanotubes, and other systems in fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology). His basic research also includes: the investigation of low energy scattering of atoms and molecules from surfaces and systems with many internal degrees of freedom; the development of new methods for studying quantum many-body systems, such as new extensions of density functional theory to van der Waals systems; and the study of high-temperature superconductivity. Clougherty received his S.B. degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering, his S.M. degree in Electrical Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Physics from MIT. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physics, University of California-Santa Barbara with Professor Walter Kohn (1998 Nobel Laureate), and he has had visiting appointments at MIT, University of California-San Diego, Harvard University, and the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara. He joined UVM in 1992. More information is available at