University of Vermont

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University Professor Emeritus
Public Administration and Environmental Studies
Arts & Sciences/Sch. of Natural Resources
Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:Natural resources and & environmental policy
Biography:Carl H. Reidel is Daniel Clark Sanders Emeritus Professor of Environmental Studies, Natural Resources, and Public Administration. His achievements are wide-ranging and have local, national and international significance. Among them are; vice president for Policy Studies of the New England Environmental Policy Center; former member of the Vermont House of Representatives; president of American Forestry Assn.; Vice President for National Wildlife Federation;U.S. Dept. of Agriculture forestry team to the People's Republic of China; US Dept. of Interior Advisory Board; Vermont governor's Council of Environmental Advisors; etc. Formerly on faculty of Williams College, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Minnesota. His publications approach 200. Reidel's interests and focus have been on; regional and national environmental policy, forests and national forests, natural resources and environmental policy, state and national legislation.