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Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:theoretical, experimental quantitative genetics & population genetics; genetics of small populations; conservation genetics
Biography:Goodnight studies genetic differentiation and evolution in structured populations. His research combines theoretical and experimental approaches to study the effects of selection among individuals, populations and communities. His research includes: the effect of founder events and population structure on genetic variance; theoretical and experimental studies of multilevel selection; and conservation genetics and the genetics of inbreeding depression. Goodnight uses techniques drawn from the field of quantitative genetics and molecular quantitative genetics. His experimental work uses the resemblance among relatives and the response to selection to study the genetic basis of complex traits. His theoretical work uses statistical and quantitative genetic methods to study evolution in subdivided populations. Some of his recent publications include: "Testing the effect of mating structure on the partitioning of phenotypic variance in Plantago lanceolata" (Evolution, 1997, co-author); and "Experimental studies of group selection: What do they tell us about group selection in nature" ( American Naturalist, 1997, co-author).