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Specialty:medical ethics, political philosophy, intellectual property rights
Biography:Arthur Kuflik teaches courses in contemporary medical ethics and political philosophy -- subject areas that also been the focal points of his published work and ongoing research. He also teaches an advanced seminar covering very recent philosophical work in the metaphysics and epistemology of morals. Kuflik has published articles in scholarly books and publications which include: "Moral Foundations of Intellectual Property Rights" in the book "Owning Information," (Rutgers University Press), where he defended the view that intellectual property rights (e.g.,patents, copyrights) do not, and should not, assign anybody the literal ownership of ideas as such; "Computers in Control: Rational Transfer of Authority or Irresponsible Abdication of Autonomy" in the "Journalof Ethics and Information Technology," where he identified the conditions under which it makesmoral sense to assign a limited "decision-making" role to computers but also the moral necessity of retaining ultimate human control over even the most reliable of computing devices; and "Traditionally Long Hours for Residents: Medically Unsound, Morally Unjustified" in the "Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics." He is currently working on a book- length manuscript exploring different ways of defending what has been called "liberal constitutional democracy,"i.e., the Western belief that justice requires at least two kinds of guarantee: rights to personal self-determination on the one hand, and to participation in public policy decision-making. Kuflik attended Harvard University and conducted his graduate work at Princeton.