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Associate Professor
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Public Relations:Josh Brown (802)656-3039
Specialty:terrestrial invertebrate ecology; evolution of host plant-animal interactions; population ecology
Biography:Brody is interested in the ecology and evolution of plant-animal interactions. She seeks understanding of how interactions among multiple species affect selection on plants and how this affects populations and communities. Among these interactions are: how direct and indirect interactions among multiple species affect both the evolution of host plant traits and plant populations; how accurate is fitness measured at one stage, e.g., pollination and resulting seed production, in predicting fitness over longer time scales and in determining population dynamics; what is the relative importance of community-level traits vs. individual characters in affecting the outcome of multiple species interactions; and how do life-history traits such as flowering phenology affect resistance to herbivores. Among Brody's recent publications are, "Effects of pollinators, herbivores and seed predators on flowering phenology" (Ecology, 1997), and "Choices and consequences of oviposition in Hylemya (Delia)" (Journal of Insect Behavior, 1998, co-author).