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Rehabilitation and Movement Science
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Public Relations:Jennifer Nachbur (802) 656-7875
Specialty:neuromusculoskeletal motor control; low back pain; posture
Biography:Henry is a Professor of Physical Therapy in the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Science at UVM and an Adjunct Professor in Physical and Occupational therapy to McGill Univeristy, Montreal, Canada. Her interests include neuromusculosketal motor control, low back pain, and control of posture. Among her research grants are: "Low Back Pain: A Motor Control Impairment?" as principal investigator, $433,334, from the NIH/National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NCMRR); and "Effects and Mechanisms of Specific Exercises on Low Back Pain," also from NIH/ NCMRR, $1.87 million. In 2000, she received the Eugene Michels New Investigator Award from American Physical Therapy Association in recognition of her independent research and contributions to physical therapy. Henry's recent publications include: 1) Stokes IAF, Gardner-Morse M, Henry SM. Intra-abdominal pressure and abdominal wall muscular function: Spinal unloading mechanism. Clinical Biomechanics, 2010 Jul 22. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 20655636; NIHMS225315; 2) Jacobs JV, Henry SM, Nagle KJ. Low back pain associates with altered activity of the cerebral cortex prior to arm movements that require postural adjustment. Clinical Neurophysiology. 2010 Mar;121(3):431-40. Epub 2010 Jan 11. PMID: 20071225; 3) Langevin HM, Stevens-Tuttle D, Fox JR, Badger GJ, Bouffard NA, Krag MH, Wu J, Henry SM. Ultrasound evidence of altered lumbar connective tissue structure in human subjects with chronic low back pain. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 3;10(1):151, Dec 2009. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 19958536; 4) Jacobs JV, Henry SM, Nagle KJ. People with chronic low back pain exhibit decreased variability in the timing of their anticipatory postural adjustments. Behav Neurosci. 123(2):455-8, April 2009. PMC2930176; 5) Jones SL, Henry SM, Raasch CC, Hitt JR, Bunn JY. Responses to multi-directional surface translations involve redistribution of proximal vs. distal strategies to maintain upright posture. Exp Brain Res. 187(3):407-17, 2008 (May); 6)Henry SM, Teyhen DS. Ultrasound imaging as a feedback tool in the rehabilitation of trunk muscle dysfunction. JOSPT 37(10):627-634, 2007 (October); 7) Teyhen DS, Gill NR, Whittaker J, Henry SM, Julie Hides J, Hodges PW. Rehabilitative ultrasound imaging of the abdominal muscles. JOSPT 37(8):450-466, 2007 (August); 8) Anderson-Worth SG, Henry SM, Bunn JY. Use of real time ultrasound feedback enhances learning the abdominal hollowing exercise in patients with low back pain. New Zealand J Physiotherapy . 35(1):4-11, 2007 (March); 9) Henry SM, Hitt JR, Jones SL, Bunn JY. Decreased limits of stability in persons with recurrent low back pain. Clinical Biomechanics. 21(9):881-92, 2006 (November).