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Regaining Control of Vermont?

By the view Staff Article published January 17, 2002

The Center for Research on Vermont will start Spring 2002 with number 159 in its series of Research-in-Progress Seminars, "Can Vermonters Regain Control of Vermont's Future?" on Jan. 31, at 7:30 p.m. in Memorial Lounge, Waterman.

Hervey Scudder, principal investigator at the Northeast Center for Social Issue Studies, and Matthew Hoffman, a graduate student in development sociology at Cornell University will argue that, through import substitution and local investment, Vermonters can strengthen their economy, protect their environment, achieve greater political independence,and enjoy a florescence of local culture.

If Vermont is to stem the flow of capital out of the state and control its own economic future, a necessary prerequisite is control over local resources, they believe. The speakers will focus on the example of water resources, especially the Connecticut River. They will present some of the history and legal aspects of the public's rights regarding flowing water, and conclude with a discussion of some of the ways in which communities might restore local control over resources.

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