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Conference Explores Faith, Spirituality and the 'Queer Quest for Authenticity'

Release Date: 09-16-2009

Contact: University Communications Staff
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LGBTQA Services launches their 10th anniversary celebration with a conference titled, "Faithful Narratives: The Queer Quest for Authenticity." The conference, scheduled for Friday, Sept. 25 at the Dudley H. Davis Center, is the first in a series of events co-sponsored by the President's Office and Student Life's Campus Programs to commemorate LGBTQA Services' ten years of service to the university.

Through personal narratives and discussion, the day-long event will examine how lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and other queer identities, as well as those questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, have found religious or spiritual liberation in their quests for meaningful lives.

The program will include Martha Dallas, director of Religious Education with the First Unitarian Universalist church of Burlington; Reverend Sarah J. Flynn, MDiv., an ecumenical officer for the American Catholic Church of New England; author and activist Wayne Besen; assistant director of Campus Diversity & Inclusion at the University of Redlands and UVM alumnus, Raja Bhattar; Beverly Little Thunder, a member of the Standing Rock Lakota Band; Reverend Mark Anthony Lord from the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago; Rabbi David Steinberg from the Ohavi Zedek Synagogue in Burlington; UVM alumna, Patricia Nguyen, associate dean and center director for the Asian Center at Cornell University; and Jeffrey Trumbower, dean of Saint Michael's College. There will also be a screening of the film, Gender Me: Homosexuality in the World of Islam.

For more information and to register, visit the LGBTQA Services website.