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Burack Lecture Series - Jose Holguin-Vera

Nov 14, 2013
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Waterman Bldg 338 (Memorial Lounge)

"The Lessons from the Haiti and Japan Disasters for Humanitarian Logistics"

Dr. Jose Holguin-Veras, William H. Hart Chair Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Director, Center for Infrastructure, Transportation and the Environment

Natural disasters, like Tropical Storm Irene, have tremendous impacts and present complex logistical challenges for humanitarian responses. Dr. Jose Holguin-Veras is recognized internationally as a leading expert in humanitarian logistics, the study of logistics in organizing the delivery, warehousing and distribution of supplies during and after disasters or other emergencies to people in affected areas. He is in charge of one of the largest research groups on this subject that specializes in the fusion of social science and engineering research, and the integration of field work, characterization, and mathematical modeling of the various aspects of the relief efforts. His team has studied the most prominent disasters of recent times, including hurricane Katrina, Port au Prince earthquake, Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Irene disaster, among many others.

As a Burack lecturer, Dr. Holguin-Veras will present a critical analysis of the lessons from the catastrophes of Haiti and Japan, complemented by his work on Irene.

For more information, contact Amanda Hanaway-Corrente, Transportation Research Center at (802) 656-3946 or

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