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Reproducibility of Science: P-values and Multiplicity

Sep 12, 2013
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Billings Library B300-B300A (North Lounge)

Dr. James Berger, Department of Statistical Science, Duke University.

Published scientific findings seem to be increasingly failing efforts at replication. This is undoubtedly due to many sources, including
specifics of individual scientific cultures and overall scientific biases such as publication bias. While these will be briefly discussed,
the talk will focus on the all-too-common misuse of p-values and failure to properly account for multiplicities as two likely major
contributors to the lack of reproducibility. The Bayesian approaches to both testing and multiplicity will be highlighted as possible
general solutions to the problem.

To request accommodations such as seating, interpreting, etc. for this event please contact Conference and Event Services at or 802-656-5665 in advance of the event.

Price: Free

For more information, contact Meghan Kelly, Department of Mathematics and Statistics at (802) 656-2940 or

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