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Conservation's Unwieldy Path - Big Animals in an Increasingly Peopled World

Sep 26, 2013
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Billings Library B300-B300A (North Lounge)

Joel Berger's fascination with biodiversity began in Los Angeles. He has since worked on thorny conservation issues such as the controversial topic of de-horning African rhinos to protect them from poaching, predator-prey behavior starting with the re-introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone Ecosystem, how changing climate affects muskoxen, and why the globalization of the cashmere market affects little known iconic species of high elevation Asia (and steppes) like wild yaks, snow leopards, and saiga. Pursuits involved fieldwork in Greenland and Siberia, the Arctic, Tibet and Bhutan, and Africa.

Joel received a lifetime achievement award by the Society of Conservation Biology and the 2013 Aldo Leopold Conservation Award (American Society of Mammalogists), and is author of two trade books, `Horn of Darkness' and `The Better to Eat You With: Fear in the Animal World'.

Reception follows. ADA accommodations: or 802-656-5665 in advance of the event.

Price: Free

For more information, contact Jed Murdoch, RSENR, Aiken Center at 656-2912 or

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