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(OLLI AT UVM PRESENTS) Psychics, Extraterrestrials & Our Place in the Universe with Fred Fengler

Jul 10, 2013
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Waterman Bldg 413

Are we being visited by extraterrestrials? After a brief review of the evidence we will speculate on the reasons ET would be interested in us and how we also might learn and benefit from communication with these visitors. Have they dealt with and solved many of the same problems and challenges we experience on planet earth today? In a larger context, what is their perspective about earth's evolutionary path and destiny? Are the mysterious complex and beautiful crop circles, that continue to appear yearly in wheat fields around the world, one of many ways they try to communicate with us? Are there certain individuals, psychic and chosen, abducted and compliant, who seem to have special access to information from and about extraterrestrials? What are those comunications and what are their significance?
? From Martian Rovers and Exoplanets to UFOs
? Radio Signals & Crop Circles - Signs of Contact or Hoaxes?
? Communications - Bridging Science & Spirit
? What Would We Want to Know & Why?

Price: OLLI Members: $60.00/Non-members: $90.00

For more information, contact Lora Phillips at 802-656-2085 or

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