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Blackboard Jungle 7 Symposium

Mar 28, 2014
7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Davis Center 4th Floor

The Blackboard Jungle 7 Symposium is designed to support UVM faculty, staff, and all others seeking to develop skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics that support effective and appropriate interactions among different identities across both global and domestic differences. The symposium sessions are dedicated to learning how to work well with others, to effectively manage cross-cultural contact across campus, and to navigate the expanding dimensions of diversity in order to promote inclusive excellence across all environments in our institutions.

Workshops and Panels:
* Acts of Discrimination: What Would You Do?
* Racism Talk: The Debate Over Unity and Disunity
* Walking is Over-Rated!!
* Law, Stories, and the Historical Construction of Race
* Issues Facing Veterans in the Classroom
* International Intercultural Competence
* Language Traditions, Linguistic Code-Switching, & Identities

Online registration open until Friday, March 21st.

Price: $20 for UVM affliates, $30 for all others

For more information, contact Heading-Grant, Wanda at Registration: 802-656-5665/Program: 802-656-8426 or Registration:

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