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Fluorescent Energy Exhibit Reception

Apr 28, 2014
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Allen House 102 (Leon Lawrence Community Lounge)

The Women of Color Leadership Retreat takes place each fall semester at UVM and offered to students, faculty, and staff. Through building community, finding meaning, exploring the freedom of expression they give voice to the inner and outer depths of who they are, in order to shift the paradigm of leaders today and tomorrow. During the retreat women are invited to join in a mask-making workshop, led by Vanessa Santos Eugenio, where they cast their own faces and decorate their masks as a form of expressing who they are and how their unique and intersecting identities inform their leadership on our campus and beyond. The exhibit features the masks of the retreat and their experience in creating their "Empowerment Masks" and the symbolism behind their external expression of leadership reflecting aspects of their unique identities.

The Mask Making facilitator, Vanessa Santos Eugenio is a Filipina American artist and is the director of a local artist guild known as "We Art Women". Her inspiration is drawn from the realm of dreams, inner journeys, and has been a deeply therapeutic process guided by both process and product.

This reception will celebrate the displayed work and will feature the artists who contributed to the exhibit.

Price: Free

For more information, contact Roman Christiaens at 802-656-7990 or

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