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(OLLI AT UVM PRESENTS) Great Decisions-Facilitated by OLLI Members

Feb 8, 2014
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Waterman Bldg 401

Join us for insightful, thought-provoking discussions about some of the most pressing foreign policy challenges that our country faces today. Great Decisions is a nation-wide civic education program supported by the Foreign Policy Association (

Turkey?s challenges ? February 1

Turkey: a nation at a crossroads, a bridge over an ever-growing chasm between the East and West. Turkey?s first Prime Minister Kemal Ataturk envisioned a modern, democratic nation-state built on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire with strong ties to Europe, not the Middle East. But as the clashes between secular and religious groups and the recent protests in Taksim Square show, the soul of Turkey is still very much up for grabs.

Israel and the U.S. ? February 8

Modern Israel?s struggles with the Palestinians have turned what was meant as a safe haven for Jews into the center of a decades-long conflict. The U.S. has stepped in as Israel?s ally due to the two countries? shared values, providing years of unparalleled military and diplomatic support. But now those ties are being tested. The Arab Spring, Iran?s nuclear ambitions, failed peace talks, and Israel?s own decision to give Washington the cold shoulder have put new strains on the 65-year-old ?special relationship.?

Energy Independence ? February 15

Energy independence, by taking the bargaining chip of oil dependence off the table, would be good for American foreign policy. But the very technological advances that make independence possible have created a dilemma for lawmakers. In a government with fixed resources, should the U.S. encourage more traditional fuel production or invest in the young technology of renewable resources?

Food and Climate ? February 22

Even as a sixth of the world?s population suffers from chronic hunger, a changing climate threatens to wreak havoc on already insecure and vulnerable populations. As food and water become scarce and once fertile land becomes barren, the U.S. finds itself faced with

Price: OLLI Members: $25.00/Non-Members: $40.00

For more information, contact Lora Phillips at 802-656-2085 or

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