University of Vermont

Physical Plant Department

Trinity Zone

Trinity Zone

Facilities Manager: Roland Dion
Supervisor: James Lang
Office Support: Monica Lafayette
Office Location: Ira Allen School Building, Trinity Campus
Office Phone: 656-9810

Campus Mail:
284 East Ave
Burlington, VT 05405

The Trinity Zone crew services a total of 66 buildings comprising 836,163 gross sq ft.


23 Mansfield Avenue
34 South Williams Street
34 South Williams Street Garage
50 Fletcher Place
61 Summit Street
70 South Williams Street
86 South Williams Street
86 South Williams Garage
109 South Prospect Annex
252 Colchester Avenue
254 Colchester Avenue
256 Colchester Avenue
258 Colchester Avenue
280 East Ave
284 East Ave
438 College Street
439 College Street
440 College Street
Alumni House (61 Summit Street)
Alumni House Pavilion
Benedict House (31 So. Prospect)
Bittersweet Garage
Boiler House
CFC Complex
Delehanty Hall
Dewey Hall
Dewey Garage
Englesby House
Farrell Hall
Grasse Mount
Henry Lord House (16 Colchester Ave)
Hunt Hall
Ira Allen School
Jacobs House (146 So. Williams)
Jeanne Mance Hall
Library Res Annex
Mann Hall
Mansfield House (25 Colchester Ave)
McAuley Hall
McCann Hall
Mercy Hall
Nicholson Building
Outing Club House
Pearl House (12 Colchester Ave)
Pierce-Spaulding House
Quonset Storage Building
Ready Hall
Richardson Hall
Saint Joseph's Villa
Sichel Hall
Waterman Building
Wheeler House

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