University of Vermont

Physical Plant Department

Police Services Entrance, 284 East Ave Building

Duration of Work:

Wednesday October 12, 2016 – November 23, 2016 (at the very latest)

What Is Happening?

We are redesigning the UVM Police Services entrance patio and parking circle in preparation of the new rescue building. We are also adding an island in the southwest corner of the commuter lot and replacing a storm line that travels under the entrance to the western most parking lot.

What to Expect:

We will be adding 5 parking spaces in the southwest corner of the commuter lot to offset the loss of parking in the police circle.  So please make sure to park in these 5 spaces to keep closer spots open for police service vehicles.

We will be adding a temporary gravel entrance on the southeast side of the western lot as the current entrance will be closed when the storm line is replaced.  This entrance extends into one parking space, so please do not park in this space.

The driveway that circles around the building on the south side will be closed when the storm line is being replaced. All traffic is to be redirected to the driveway on the east side of 284.

When we remove the existing police service patio all foot traffic will be redirected to a temporary gravel walkway along the west wall.

The police service main entrance will be redirect to the door on the south side of 284 when we pour the concrete slab right in front of the main entrance.  This work will be done on a weekend which we will announced a week in advance.

The south entrance will be closed on a different weekend day so any contractors that need keys, will have to figure out another way to get keys as the unlocked door to the key box will be inaccessible.  This work will also be announced a week in advance.

Questions and Project Contact

Name:  Scott Goodwin    
Phone: 802-922-6336