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Nicholson House - Summer Construction

Impacts to Waterman Parking Lot Egress

Nicholson House UVM

Update 6/23/2016:

The north exit of the Waterman parking lot is closed due to the construction traffic and construction access until August 26th. Please use the College Street drive into the parking lot for both entrances and egress into the Waterman parking lot.

What Is Happening?

We are replacing the existing aluminum siding with an all new composite siding. We are also restoring all of the windows, this means we will need temporary access into all offices with windows. Please contact Scott Goodwin, Project Coordinator, for the window removal schedule your particular office windows.

We are anticipating a window removal time of about a couple hours. Once the windows are removed we will restore them in the basement and get them reinstalled as soon as possible, reinstallation should take about 30 minutes per window. Storm windows will act as a temporary window while the current windows get restored. We are also renovating the back porch into a fully heated and finished space. This renovated porch will also have a ramp for handicap access. A fair amount of site work will take place which means loud excavators.

Duration of Work:

Demolition and construction of the back porch will start on May 30th and will most likely end August 26th

Windows and siding replacement will start May 23rd and will end around the end of September.  However later work will only consist or light work like painting.

What to Expect:

  • Loud noises due to construction and demolition.
  • Temporary access into offices and conference rooms for window removal and reinstallation.


Questions and Project Contact: 

Name: Scott Goodwin

Phone: 802-922-6336