University of Vermont

Physical Plant Department

Staff Profile: Kelly Medlar

Kelly working on repairs in her shop in the Waterman Basement.

Let us introduce you to Kelly Medlar. When opportunity knocks, Kelly has always opened the door. Kelly began her career at the University 27 years ago as a Custodian. She then moved into various other positions within the Physical Plant Department including Solid Waste Specialist with the first-ever Recycling crew, and then Groundsperson I and Groundsperson II spots with the Grounds Crew.

Ten years ago, when Physical Plant pilot tested a maintenance specialist crew, Kelly was chosen to be on the initial team.  Now, in her current position as a Facilities Repairperson in the Trinity Maintenance Zone, you will most likely find Kelly in the Waterman Building assisting coworkers or ready to help contractors find hidden mechanical devices or electrical sources. Kelly is greatly appreciated by building occupants in the zone and she often greets them with a "Mornin' Sunshine!"

Outside of work, her hobbies include photography and hunting. Some of her stories include hunting for deer with muzzle loading and bow and arrow, kayaking, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. Kelly is an avid Red Sox fan. She also enjoys hands on activities such as woodworking and maintaining her own vehicle. Her wooden artwork was featured in the Third Annual UVM Staff Art Exhibit in 2013.

Kelly is starting her 27th year of service with Physical Plant and we are lucky to have her in our department.  Thank you Kelly for your dedication and hard work.

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