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Two PPD Teams Receive 2014 AFS Award

Awards Announced at AFS Annual Picnic

members of PPD receiving award

Two teams within Physical Plant recently received recognition through the 2014 Division of Administrative & Facilities Services (AFS) Annual Award program.

First, the "Mary L. Scully Best Customer Service Process Improvement Award" went to the Physical Plant team which implemented the FAMIS Purchase Requisition Input and Approval Process. The new FAMIS Purchase Requisition Process was implemented in order to add a digital approval process on all purchase orders within FAMIS. Previously, PPD Accounts Payable staff entered QV’s into the system using an approved paper invoice. Now, various PPD team members enter the Purchase Requisition directly into FAMIS where it is automatically routed electronically to a Supervisor for digital approval. Many people were involved in implementing this process improvement: administrative support, supervisors, managers, engineers, Assistant Directors, Directors, and even the Vice President of the Division.  The process improvement allows PPD to utilize existing technology in order to improve internal controls and transactional efficiency, eventually leading to better and more accurate budgeting.

The second award for "AFS Best Customer Service by a Team" went to Dennis Coakley, Danny Whitaker and Keith Benoit, the Supervisory Team at MedPlex Maintenance Zone.  Colleagues in Risk Management & Safety nominated the team saying that "Dennis, Danny and Keith (DDK) ensure that concerns and issues in MedPlex are addressed quickly and efficiently. Two areas of significant advancement included the electrical mapping of all buildings in the Zone and timely and thorough investigation of indoor air quality concerns." Keith spear-headed a project to trace all electrical service throughout all buildings in their zone from panel to terminal, ensuring accuracy and safer power operations for laboratories and offices.  The team, guided by Danny, goes above and beyond to promote safety and to always determine the source of air quality issues within their buildings and communicate effectively with their customers.

 Well deserved and Congratulations to all!